Ideal AWS infrastructure from maintainers POV

Hello! Prefacing this by thanking you for providing Drone free of charge to the community. I appreciate that. It has helped me in the past immensely.

Currently I run Drone 1.0 servers on Fargate connected to RDS MySQL with auto scaler and Docker runners on ECS with auto scaler. Server is behind a load balancer.

This setup works for me, but I was wondering what’s the ideal setup from maintainers’ perspective? Basically:

  • Is multi server even helpful or supported?
  • Is having the server behind a load balancer problematic?
  • Do I need Drone’s auto-scaler if I am using ECS’ internal auto-scaler?
  • How does the server dispatch jobs? Is it based on agent capacity and server tries to fill up agents before moving on to the next agent or it tries to have an even distribution of jobs across all agents?
  • In case of having multiple servers (if supported), is the build queue shared?

Thanks in advance!