I want to add the gitee provider to drone/go-scm

First of all, I like Drone.It’s simple and efficient.

I find a topic about Gitee, Is there any plan to support Gitee.com?

But the guy haven’t any actions, so I want to try it. Will you accept my pr?

I have finished coding the module.
PR: drone/go-scm#124

Would you review the PR and make some suggestions?

hi @kit101
Thank you very much for your contribution. Just a quick message to say we are aware of this PR & will review/take action soon. I’m sure you can appreciate the size, it will just take time to go through.


hi @eoinmcafee00
How’s the code review going? Is there anything to adjust?

Someone just asked about the progress in Github, and it seems that others are looking forward to integrating gitee. And It excites me too. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Hey @kit101

This has now been merged. Thanks for your submission!

Hi @eoinmcafee00
Thank you, It’s my pleasure too.

By the way, when is the community going to release new version of ​drone/go-login and drone/go-scm? :blush:
I have completed gitee client integration and documentation. There are PRs:

@kit101 a new version of go-scm was just released:

@eoinmcafee00 looks like we could tag a 1.1 release for go-login since there have been some additional providers added since the last tag.

Hi @kit101

Release Release v1.1.0 · drone/go-login · GitHub has now been released.

Hi, @eoinmcafee00
Thanks for your notify.

I have updated go.mod, and the PR can be reviewed.

Feat: implemented gitee client #3156