Hugepages in Drone Cloud

Hello folks,

I’m trying to figure out whether there’s support for hugepages in Drone cloud.

We’re trying to setup CI on ARM for the DPDK open source project: DPDK is using Travis, but we’re having problems with hugepages on ARM architecture, so I’d like to ask about Drone cloud options. I’ve looked at the docs and tried to run a few pilot jobs and it seems we’d need to run a docker pipeline. If I understand things correctly, using the privileged option is not available in Drone cloud (apart from you making the DPDK repo trusted, which doesn’t seem likely) and, judging from the docs, there doesn’t seem to be a way enable hugepages otherwise.

Is there any way to use hugepages in Drone cloud? If there isn’t one at the moment, would it be possible to figure out a solution?


Hi there, Drone Cloud does not support privileged mode, however, you can download and run Drone on your own servers (similar to Jenkins) to support your specific use case. You can find more details at

Thanks. What about hugepages? These don’t necessarily need privileged mode.