HTTPS redirect in docs

Hello everyone, first of all thanks for Drone! Probably the best experience I’ve had with self hosted CI tools so far and Docker integration altogether.

I do have a doubt regarding the docs. I was trying to look into all available ENV variables to configure HTTP -> HTTPS traffic redirect and I wasn’t able to find it in this docs page.

After some googling I was able to find this comment in the GitHub repo with the solution (ENV variables I needed). Seems to be working great now after I’ve set them in my deployment.

Just checking in to see if this is something that was left out or it’s documented somewhere else. I case it’s missing I believe it’s quite important to include, in order to force TLS for all server communications (while still being able to automatically renew the Let’s Encrypt certificate).

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Hey thanks so much for this, I was wondering if this was possible as well. Do we know if the documentation is open source? I found this: but it seems to be outdated/deprecated as well.

I’d be happy to provide a pull request for the reference section if it’s open source.