How use ${DRONE_COMMIT_MESSAGE} in plugins/docker

I’d like to use the commit message to construct my image name using plugins/docker.
But the ${DRONE_COMMIT_MESSAGE} variable comes with formatting that prevents image building.

My commit is:
git commit -am base/alpine

image: plugins/docker
username: kevinbacon
password: pa55word
repo: registry-local/${DRONE_COMMIT_MESSAGE}
registry: registry-local

The ${DRONE_COMMIT_MESSAGE} variable is displayed “base/alpine\n”

Generating the following error

/usr/local/bin/docker tag a1300ac3117bc90f8bc82d0db527573a88dd163b registry-local/“base/alpine\n”:3.10
Error parsing reference: “registry-local/“base/alpine\n”:3.10” is not a valid repository/tag: invalid reference format

I try
repo: registry-local/${DRONE_COMMIT_MESSAGE/\n/}]
it´s works, but not enough.
Missed remove quotes.

Does anyone have any idea how to modify this variable before it is used?