How to view Inactive Service Instances Deployment History

Harness Service Instance Deployment History shows only the services with active instances.

You can view that under Continuous Deployment → Services

Here is when most of you try to look for the older service instances which were deployed before but aren’t active now.

We will help you list the service instances deployment history for the instances which aren’t active now.

Follow the below instructions :

1.) Open the Service Tab from Continuous Deployment as show in the picture above.

2.) Click on any of the services listing :

This will show like :

Here you have all the details of the service eg: “vipul-ami-test” with its current active instance and also the deployment history.

3.) Now to view the services with no active instances , you will need to manually edit the URL


Here after the /app/ is the application id and after /service/ is the service id.
In this example : appiddtestabc is the app id and serviceidabctest is the service id.

To fetch the application id and service id simply go to Setup->Application->Services->Any particular service and in the URL you will see the application id and service id.

You will need to put the application id and service id for the service you want to check the instance deployment history for.

Example : Below is a service which doesn’t have any active instances so it won’t show in the service history directly but we can modify the URL by adding the service id and application id to the URL and can view it.

The service “abc123” doesn’t have any active instances but we can still view deployment history for this service.

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