How to use mirror with plugins/ecr

I’m in a kubernetes pipeline step

  - name: runtime
    image: plugins/ecr

this does not make use of my mirror, any other way to do that? Search · mirror · GitHub

Hi please check if below docs can help , let us know if you face any issues ,

I have alreadu the mirror setup, it’s working with pretty much everything, I switched to kaniko-ecr to perform a build with my mirror but I’d rather use plugins/ecr but settinging the mirror won’t have effect

When you specify a mirror, Drone starts the Docker daemon (using the official docker-in-docker image) with the --registry-mirror command line flag. I recommend taking a look at the source code [1] to verify that the mirror flag is being passed correctly to the daemon.

If you do not feel the registry flag is correctly being passed to the docker daemon, please suggest a patch. Alternatively, if the Docker daemon is being invoked correctly with the mirror flag, you may need to contact Docker support (via since this would be a Docker issue, and not necessarily a Drone issue