How to use an image from a private, non https Docker registry

I have the following:

        image: myregistry:5000/mdf/testing
            - ls

However when I ran that, I get:

ERROR: Error response from daemon: Get https://myregistry:5000/v1/_ping: http: server gave HTTP response to HTTPS client

Is there any way to tell drone to use http?

Is there any way to tell drone to use http?

There is not, because drone is not pulling your image, technically speaking :slight_smile:

The way this works is that drone communicates directly with the host machine Docker daemon via the Docker remote API and asks the Docker daemon to pull the image. The docker daemon uses https by default. If you want Docker to fallback to http, you need to add the registry to the insecure registries section of your Docker Daemon configuration.

You can read more about this here:

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Now I feel dumb, that makes total sense! Thanks :slight_smile: