How to share a common script in same org

All repos need run a same script in a org,but I don’t want to put the same script in each repos,how to do this with drone?can drone store a script for share?

Off the top of my head, there’s two approaches you could use.

  1. Use a Docker container, and pass environment variables to it through the settings option in your pipeline. The plugin page in the docs has some info if you’d like to try it.

  2. Import a script as a secret. This approach would involve registering the file as a secret (would be easiest from the CLI program), and just calling the secret in your pipeline with something like this:

echo $${SECRET_VALUE} | bash

To register the secret from the command line, something like this should work:

drone secret add username/repo secret_name @/path/to/

If you want the secret to be organization wide, just replace secret with orgsecret, and username/repo with just username.

That’s great.thanks,I will tiry

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