How to run Drone builds with disabled Github PR checks

Any advice on how I can run my builds in Drone but disable Github PR checks.
I’m doing a migration from circleCI to Drone, and right now, I don’t want to see drone PR checks because it’s not ready yet, but at the same point, I want to run our builds in Drone.
I don’t want to use “[CI SKIP]” in my commit messages cause I still want to run my builds.

You can use the triggers section to limit which events can trigger pipeline execution:

  - push
  - tag

Maybe it wasn’t clear what I’m trying to do. I want to run my builds in Drone for every new PR. I don’t want to see the status of this Drone build in my Github PR checks. When I’m using:

    - pull_request

when I’m using this trigger I’m experiencing this

and it’s expected. What I want to do - I want to run this build without this PR check. @bradrydzewski

Your only option is to globally disable status (for all repositories, and event types)

thank you @bradrydzewski