How to kill a build stuck in Running state?

I’m trying to figure out how to remove or kill a stuck build in Running state, which I can’t get rid of - this is in drone:0.8.1.

When I try to cancel the build in the UI, I get the error “Failed to cancel your build”.

The host is an Ubuntu 14.04 machine with Docker 17.09.0-ce.

In another discourse post, I noticed a mention of a “kill” CLI command which sounded like it was for terminating builds; does that still exist in the 0.8.0 CLI release?


A system administrator can use the drone kill command to force kill a running build. This command is only available in drone 0.8.0 (stable) and higher.

$ drone build kill --help
   drone build kill - force kill a build

   drone build kill <repo/name> <build>

Thank you very much! drone build kill in the CLI did the trick and removed my wedged Running builds.

One thing that was strange: To give myself admin access, I added myself as the last username in my comma-separated DRONE_ADMIN list, but drone wouldn’t allow me to run the build kill command until I removed the other user in the admin list.

Is there any known issue in 0.8.1 involving multiple usernames in DRONE_ADMIN, by chance?

Nope, I have multiple admin users defined in my drone instance and it is working as expected.

Usually when we get reports of this field not working as expected it is because the username casing does not match, or there is whitespace accidentally included in the string.

Thanks! I was looking for this. I didn’t see the subcommand in the help, though. It would be great to put that in there.

> drone build -h
   drone build - manage builds

   drone build command [command options] [arguments...]

     ls       show build history
     last     show latest build details
     logs     show build logs
     info     show build details
     stop     stop a build
     start    start a build
     approve  approve a build
     decline  decline a build
     queue    show build queue
     ps       show build steps

   --help, -h  show help
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