How to force GitOps Applications to use service overrides?

Hello everybody!
I was using Harness Free Edition (as we are just testing) with a quite simple pipeline (Native Helm deployment):
As a POC I used Helm to publish our application as Helm Chart from Azure DevOps Repo and deploy it to K8s cluster.

I have a couple of environments, which have service overrides - custom Helm value files for each env. That schema works well when I’m using pipelines, but as soon as I started using GitOps(GO) I notice that GO Applications have custom values - which I cannot override using files from repo, and, as I get it, they have precedence over service overrides.
I tried to pass blank-null values, but sync failed at K8S because “null” it’s a valid port number…
So the question is:

  1. Is it possible for GO Applications to not enter values for Helm and take it from env service override, or do I must provide some values directly while setup GO App?