How to fix timescale db pod on-prem issue

This article discusses how to fix the timescale db pod down issue.

We can try deleting the pvc and restoring the database (If the dashboard data are stored in mongo db).

Fix 1

  1. scale the timescaledb pod to 0. Delete the timescaledb services and then redeploy on kots admin

If it does not fix, try the following:

Fix 2:

  1. Delete the timescaledb services, pvc and statefulset
  2. Redeploy on kots admin so new timescaledb pods are created
  3. Re-run the migration from harness-manager
  4. Log into MongoDB, go into harness collections. and run either of the follwing: db.schema.remove({})
    or edit the entry to set timescaleDBDataVersion to 0
    db.schema.update({"version": 373}, {$set: {"timescaleDbVersion": 0, "timescaleDBDataVersion" :0}})
  5. {"version": 373} differ on your env, so the above command is not the exact command.
  6. restart harness-manager
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