How to enable Autoscaler Logging?

I’m having issues getting autoscaler to work with EC2. Nothing happens and there are no logs.

This is the command I’m running:

sudo docker run -d \
  -e DRONE_SERVER_HOST="host" \
  -e DRONE_SERVER_TOKEN="token" \
  -e DRONE_AGENT_TOKEN="token \
  -e DRONE_AMAZON_REGION="us-east-1" \
  -e DRONE_AMAZON_SUBNET_ID="subnet-8" \
  -e AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID="token" \
  -e AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY="token" \
  -p 8080:8080 \
  --restart=always \
  --name=autoscaler \

If you want to enable debug logging, see

Please note that the autoscaler does not automatically provision servers until there are pending builds in your build queue. So the fact that nothing happens when you first start the autoscaler is completely normal.

I’ve tried adding the debug log env variables, no logs show.

  -e DRONE_LOGS_DEBUG=true \
  -e DRONE_LOGS_COLOR=true \

Also got a pending build already waiting with nothing happening.

The autoscaler routine runs every minute. Did you allow at least 60 seconds to see what happens?