How to create two runner on the same machine

We use digitalocean-runner and docker-runner. Both are lightweight and we will farm the intensive job to digitalocean-runner. The problem is I can’t run both in the same host b/c the docker command to run the runner has -p 3000:3000 in it.
What’s that port used for? Can you use different port?

looks like I can map any port to 3000 and get it to work.
so -p 3000:3000 for digital ocean and -p 3001:3000 for docker works.
Why we need the port at all?

correct, you just need to remap to a different host port

this exposes a healthcheck endpoint and a simple user interface for viewing runner activity and recent logs [1]. Exposing the port is optional. You are not required to expose the port and the system will work just fine if you omit.


I appreciate your prompt response. Your team is awesome