How to create secret to pull private registry

  1. I custom the plugins/docker image and place it on my private harbor registry hub.

  2. when I configure drone.yaml and set image to : myprivate.harbor.local/plugins/docker, I run drone exec , then docker login deny.

  3. so I install drone-cli(version: 1.4.0), and set the drone_server and drone_token to my gogs , the drone info appear to my gogs admin account.

  4. when use “drone secret add testsecret --repository - xxx sex videos free hd porn Resources and Information. --name username --data Xxxxxx” to add secret , the error appear " client error 404: {“message”:“Not Found”}"

  5. are there somebody to give a little clue to solve the problem, thanks.

Hello @jeffzhao99,

Could you please pass the complete repository name like eg: octocat/hello-world in this format as I guess you are not passing the correct repo name while adding the secret, You can verify the repo name by running drone repo ls