How to create an AWS dashboard and add filter per account?

Hello everyone :vulcan_salute:

In our platform, you can create dashboards and if you have your AWS account connected to our CCM module, you can use it to create amazing dashboards and give visibility to your entire AWS account.


By default, on your Dashboard page, you already have a Dashboard called AWS Cost Dashboard (AWS Cost Dashboard | Harness Developer Hub) but as this is a pré built Dashboard you can’t edit it.

So to achieve what we want we’ll need to clone this Dashboard:

Clone Dashboard

Now, we will access the newly cloned dashboard and edit it:

With the Edit page enabled, at the top left you’ll be able to see the Filters option, we’ll use it to add a new filter for AWS accounts.

Let’s add the Account Name Filter:

We can configure the default account and save it:

Now my Dashboard is showing all the existent dashboards for AWS Cost but only for a specific account.

This way we can reuse the excellent charts that already exist for AWS metrics and filter them specifically by accounts.