How to combinate triggers cron, push and custom in pipeline?

I try to write conditions for pipeline triggers. I need to run pipeline only in 3 cases:

  1. Run pipeline by cron task (task_name)
  2. Run pipeline every push to develop
  3. Run pipeline if is custom event.

I think, this is true trigger:

    - develop
    - push
    - cron
    - custom
    - task_name

But when I run custom build - nothing happens, and I see in logs:

{"commit":"12345","event":"custom","level":"info","msg":"trigger: skipping pipeline, does not match cron job","pipeline":"default","ref":"refs/heads/develop","repo":"repo","time":"2023-03-09T11:26:02Z"}

And the same happens if I push to develop (event → push, msg → the same)
What I do wrong? Can you help me, please?