How to build the Drone Agent from the source?

Hi there.

I’m trying to build the Drone Agent by myself from the source since it doesn’t support the s390x arch docker image by default.

I followed the BUILDING_OSS guide, but it just built the drone-server, not the drone-agent.

Is there a way to build the agent instead of the server?


Hello @kycfeel

The Drone Agent has been rebranded to be called the Drone Runner now, you can use the below link to build the same : GitHub - drone-runners/drone-runner-docker: Drone pipeline runner that executes builds inside Docker containers

We hope this helps. Please do let us know if this resolves you’r query.

Thanks & Regards,
Harness Support

Thank you. I was able to build the agent (or runner) successfully.

One more question tho. The drone runner I built is successfully running on my s390x machine, but when I try to actually run something, the drone gives linter: unsupported architecture: s390x error. It seems like the s390x arch is not defined as a “supported arch” on the drone system level.

Is there a way to solve this?