How to build:

Hi guys,

I’ve applied steps from file and executed command: go build cmd/drone-agent/*

The result was:

./agent.go:90:29: cannot use conn (type *"".ClientConn) as type *"".ClientConn in argument to rpc.NewGrpcClient

Then applied simple glide description to improve dependencies management. The glide file:

- package:
- package:
- package:
- package:
- package:
- package:

and executed the same command and unfortunately the result was exactly the same as afore mentioned.

Could you, please, help me setup local environment or point out documentation?

The BULDING file works for me, but if you are having difficultly you can always reference the .drone.yml file, which should be considered the canonical build instructions for Drone. The commands in the yaml file are successfully executed for every commit and pull request that we receive.


Thank for the answer. I’ve managed to build the server and agent. I had wrong version of docker/docker (it was 1.2 - very old) in the meantime it was migrated to moby/moby (1.18…)

Did you consider to use glide or golang/dep tools for vendoring purposes?
Locally I setup in my fork glide, thanks to it I was able to quickly deal with the issue I had.