How to build from a repo without .drone.yml

I would like to use Drone to automate builds from someone else’s repository, where I do not want or have no permission to mergerequest the addition of a .drone.yml file. I would like Drone to rebuild the project for every commit to master or every tag or something like that, without human intervention to manually do stuff.

As a PoC scenario I am trying to implement this on a local Gitea + Drone using a public GitHub repo as source. So far I had trivially set up a mirror from the public GitHub repo to my local Gitea server, but AFAIK I cannot just commit the .drone.yml file there because that would mean manually maintaining a separate branch and periodically merging in upstream changes.

I could keep my .drone.yml somewhere else (another repo, a submodule, something?) but I still need to trigger Drone when the local mirror of the upstream repo gets updated, and then Drone would checkout a repo without any .drone.yml file and thus wouldn’t build anything.

In Jenkins I would create a “Freestyle Project”, so it could be triggered from the external repo (or a mirror of the same) and build instructions would be defined in the project configuration (avoiding the need of a Jenkinsfile).

I don’t know if and how it could be possible to get the same result in Drone (either with something similar or with a completely different approach): do you guys have any idea / help / pointer?
The only real requirement is that the upstream repo will not contain .drone.yml and that builds must be triggered by updates in that repo or in a mirror.

Thank you for any help you could provide.

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I had exactly the same problem and created a configuration plugin for it. You can find the plugin at Docker Hub and a description at GitHub.

If you have any question or problems, please let me know.

hi @spainer, your solution looks super cool and I’ll make sure to play with it as soon as possible :slight_smile:

Thank you!