How to add approval stage in DroneCI pipeline

Hi There,

We would like to create a controlled multi-environment build pipeline in DroneCI but could not find any option to include an approval stage without which we won’t be able to create a controlled deployment.

Flow:- Test → Approve(Manual input) → Prod

Please suggest a way to achieve that.

Hi @nitin194, welcome to the Harness Community :tada:

Drone doesn’t support approval steps as of now. But you may use Drone API and native promotion (for manual promotion). Also, for a multi-environment build pipeline you may refer to plugins:

  1. Drone-config-changeset-conditional
  2. Drone-tree-config

Note: These are plugins supported by Drone version 1.3 or above. Also these are 3rd party plugins which are not maintained or supported by Drone. For further details, you can refer to previous discussions on this channel over here -

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  2. How to control multi-module build pipeline where modules are interdependent for CI

Thanks for reaching out and feel free to share any further blockers or updates on this.

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