How to add a repository after expanding DRONE_REPOSITORY_FILTER


I initially had DRONE_REPOSITORY_FILTER set to my own github organization. I now need to build a project that is outside this organization. I’ve added the organization to the DRONE_REPOSITORY_FILTER but syncing does not show the new repositories. I read on other posts that this is the intended behaviour and the list is pulled with the user signs in for the first time. I tried removing and re-adding my user but without success. Trying to add the repo using the CLI does not work - I get client error 404: {"message":"Not Found"} when doing drone repo enable <org>/<repo>.

Is there a way to start building projects from a new organization?

Ah, I can answer my own question: Third party access was restricted on the new github organization. Granting access to my Drone application made the new repositories show up when syncing!

Hi jgrau, Glad to see you have answer for your own question. Please let us know if anything needed from us.

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