How to access the built artifacts

Is it possible to ssh in to the agent and look in to the built artifact(check md5sum) or copy/download the build artifact?

Short answer is nope. There are many things that you can do, push artifacts to an object store or some sort of repository, for example.

The term artifacts implies that drone leaves files or objects behind when the build completes that can be accessed (similar to Jenkins). This is not the case. The drone build environment is ephemeral, which means the entire build environment is created when the build starts, and is destroyed when the build completes.

With that being said, it is possible to store files or objects that are created during a build, but you have to manage this process yourself. You could, for example, upload the files or objects to file storage (like S3) during the build so that you can download them at a later time. There are plugins that can help you with this. See

Thanks for the information guys.

I would also like to see drone allow for basic artifact retention, without plugins. I don’t want to push my artifacts anywhere, I want to store them on the server running drone. Would it be appropriate to create a GitHub issue for this feature request?

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@carlwgeorge I recommend subscribing to this github issue which will be re-opened if the strategy for how we handle artifacts ever changes.

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Hi Guys,
Good to chat with you!
Am new to Drone, and am trying to build a Java App and push the artifacts to jfrog generic repo, can you guys help me with syntax? it would be much helpful, am still in learning stage

kind: pipeline
type: docker
name: default


  • name: build
    image: maven:3.3-jdk-8

    • mvn compile
  • artifactory:
    image: athieriot/drone-artifactory
    pom: pom.xml
    - target/.jar
    - target/

in our corporation, we have been already prepared for the loosely coupled pipeline architecture.
We have already software artifact-cli shipped as container image did the job of pushing/pulling artifact.
we can use it immediately while migrating from jenkins to drone CI.

However, However…
I think we should keep reference of that artifact.( artifact name, artifact URL … at least)