How Integrate Drone-VM with Harness-delegate

To integrate Drone-vm with Harness-delegate, you can follow these steps:

  1. Install the Drone plugin for Harness-delegate:
helm repo add harness-plugins
helm install harness-drone-plugins harness-plugins/drone --set<your-delegate-name> --set delegate.secret=<your-delegate-secret> --set drone.server=<your-Drone-server-address>

Replace <your-delegate-name> with the name of your Harness-delegate and <your-delegate-secret> with the secret for your delegate. Replace <your-Drone-server-address> with the address of your Drone server.
2. Configure your Harness application to use the Drone-vm pipeline:

  • Add a new pipeline to your Harness application and select “Drone VM” as the pipeline type.
  • Enter the URL of your Drone-vm endpoint in the “Endpoint” field. This will be http://<your-drone-vm-pod-name>:3000 if you are using the default configuration.
  • Configure the rest of the pipeline as needed, including defining the Docker image to be built and any deployment steps.
  1. Run the pipeline:
  • Start a new deployment in Harness using the Drone-vm pipeline you just created.
  • The Drone-vm container will spin up and execute the pipeline steps defined in Harness.

With these steps, you should be able to integrate Drone-vm with Harness-delegate and use it to execute pipelines for your Harness applications.