How: Group steps visually

I’d like to visually group multiple similar steps in the left column panel. Similiar to pipelines, but I don’t think I can make each group a separate pipeline, because they do have depends_on dependencies that cross group boundary. My example groups: “setup”, “builds”, “unit-tests”, “e2e-tests”, “cleanup”, etc. Usually steps within one group are running in parallel, but sometimes that’s not the case.

I just use a common prefix for the names like qa/lint qa/test qa/formatting… Even if it has no impact of the organisation of UI widgets it’s enough to get a good overview even when there are hundreds of steps.

I do have common prefix, but it’s not good enough, and has usability problems. Some groups have a looot of steps, and some are short and important. It’s easy to overlook failures in short ones (like lints and such) which inevitably leads to failures in later ones (builds), so developers often not notice, and are trying to debug issues that are already diagnosed by lints. Because of that I have to make these run in sequence, instead of in parallel, even they are technically independent.