How can I use Preemptible VM instances in GPC via autoscaler?

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I tried to use DRONE_GOOGLE_PREEMPTIBLE=true which doesn’t work. Any idea?

we do not recommend using spot instances or pre-emptible instances with the autoscaler. Here is a previous comment that describes some of the reasons they should be avoided:

the code looks good, but I would caution against using spot instances for auto-scaling. The challenge you will run into is that we have no way to know if / when the spot instance has been terminated, which will prevent the autoscaler from being able to correctly calculate capacity. Also if an instance is terminated while a build is running it will be stuck, and will require manual intervention.

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Hello, is there some workaround? the point of Preemptible VM is significantly lower price and so far I know the Preemptible VM sends a signal back to warn that it will be killed, so there shall be a way how to catch this signal, right?