How can I target a particular pipeline step locally?

Locally, how do I trigger a particular pipeline step e.g. build?
i.e. not any docker-push or deployment steps.

I see I can use “drone exec --local”. But how do I limit it to a particular step?
I tried “drone exec --local --build-target build” but this still attempts to run other steps in the pipeline.


I’m also interested in how to start from a particular step in the pipeline.

Maybe you’re looking for “custom pipeline executions”.

They’re planned for a future release, but will not be available in the short term.

Even I am interested to exec a particular step

You can use the --include and --exclude command line flags:

$ cat .drone.yml 
kind: pipeline
name: default

- name: foo
  image: alpine:3.8
  - echo foo

- name: bar
  image: alpine:3.8
  - echo bar

$ drone exec --include bar
[bar:0] + echo bar
[bar:1] bar