High request volume observed through proxy server logs

every few second i see the following in my proxy log:
nginx.1 | drone.domainname.com - - [29/Dec/2021:21:21:23 +0000] “POST /rpc/v2/stage HTTP/2.0” 204 0 “-” “Go-http-client/2.0”
is that supposed to happen? It does seem to work fine.
thanks for your help in advance.
ps renamed domainname and ip here so it does not point to my server.

Drone runners use long polling to request builds from the server queue. The max duration of a long polling request is 30 seconds, at which point it disconnects and then re-connects (to workaround reverse proxy and load-balancer timeouts). When a runner receives a job from the queue it disconnects and immediately reconnects to receive more work. So depending on the number of runners, the runner concurrency, and build volume, it is not abnormal to see a request every few seconds. With that being said, I would recommend checking your proxy timeout is not overaggressive as this could certainly make runners more chatty.