Hide personal repositories

I would like to only show repositories for my organization. Is this possible?

The discussion here Github private organisation repositories
has dead links.

when you first install drone, you can setup a repository filter [1]. note that this needs to be set before your first login. Setting this variable after you have already authebticated and synchronized your account will have no impact.

[1] https://docs.drone.io/reference/server/drone-repository-filter/

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I too need to remove all other org repos from my Drone list and only want my private ones. Could the oauth token in the GitHub app be revoked, and after re-logging in and re-syncing the DRONE_REPOSITORY_FILTER should then work? Iā€™m using 1.2.1

I do not recommend revoking the token since this would not remove the repositories. The only option is to run delete from repos where repo_namespace IN (...) where the IN clause includes a list of organizations / accounts you want removed.