Helping with Plugin Maintance

I see this plugin hasn’t been updated in quite a while. I’m a hugo user, and would like to be able to help keep this going. GitHub - drone-plugins/drone-hugo: Drone plugin to publish Hugo generated websites

Hello @benyanke

I agree that plugin hasn’t been updated in quite a while. Most likely the user that was maintaining it no longer had a use for it. If you have a use for it, can you share what features are missing? Is it just not compatible with recent versions of Hugo? Thanks

@jimsheldon - One thing I noticed it missed was support for PostCSS builds (via NPM). Specifically, builds requiring this need to have NPM installed alongside hugo, and an npm install command run first.

It’s not hard to do, but it does stop the current plugin from building some hugo sites.

I’d be happy to take over maintainership of the plugin as I’m a heavy hugo user myself, otherwise I’ll likely find myself forking it for my own use.