Help: Auto tag AWS ASG delegates

We use Harness tags to identify which delegates should be for which AWS account. The documentation shows only a manual process for adding tags. This is ok except when you have delegates spun up via an autoscaling group. So the question is:
How can you automatically apply a specific Harness tag to an EC2 instance created by an autoscaling group?



Thanks for the question and thanks for looking at the platform!

We support a similar tagging in ECS based delegates when the auto-scaler is triggered.

For new delegates on ECS should pick up on the existing tags.

Though thanks to your post, more fire for us to expand into other types eg. EC2 which we are filing an enhancement request for.



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Thank you for the quick reply. I switched to delegates on ECS and it all works as expected. Thank you.

NP Rico! Thanks for the helping us make the product better.