Helm charts: env vs. extraSecretNamesForEnvFrom

Dear all,

first of all thanks for drone! It is just awesome.

Take the drone-runner-kube chart as example. I am able to pass environment variables like DRONE_RPC_SECRET via the extraSecretNamesForEnvFrom: section. However I still have to have them in the env: section of the yaml.

 - drone-rpc
  DRONE_RPC_SECRET: "from extraSecretNamesForEnvFrom"

If I remove DRONE_RPC_SECRET from the env: section I get this error:

Error: UPGRADE FAILED: values don't meet the specifications of the schema(s) in the following chart(s):
- env: DRONE_RPC_SECRET is required

Am I doing something wrong here?
thanks - Chris

Hi Chris,

I do see some indication these environment variables may be required:

It sounds like the Helm chart needs to be adjusted to better supports sourcing these values from secrets. The Helm charts are community maintained (I have no Helm experience) so unfortunately there is not much I can do other than encourage sending a patch if you know how to solve and promise it will be evaluated quickly :slight_smile:

Cool - thanks Brad. I am going to look into it during the next weeks. Learning how to write helm charts is anyhow on my agenda.