Having to reactivate repositories after migration

Firstly apologies for cross posting this between Slack and Discourse but not sure what the preferred way is to ask questions…

Anyway, I’m migrating our Drone to a different cluster and noticed that although all repositories are still listed, we do have to deactivate and reactivate all of them for the Bitbucket webhook to work again. I assume it’s the secret that’s causing this, but not sure.

Is there a way to migrate without having to reactivate repositories so I can just change DNS to migrate?


Could you please confirm if once you change the cluster the drone server is accessible via same host( you are changing the DNS and pointing to new ip), or host is also getting changed?

During testing I have given the new Drone server a different hostname but with a copy of the database of the old Drone server. I then adjusted the webhook URL in Bitbucket manually to test it while leaving the secret the same. The webhook is still called by Bitbucket but then the secret is rejected by the new Drone server.

Eventually, when we go live with the new Drone server, it will be given the same hostname as the current Drone server and ideally i’d like it to be a simple migration of just changing DNS, but it looks like i’ll have to reactivate all repos for it to work after switching to the new Drone.

Does that make any sense?