Has "Publick Key" gone on the version newer than 0.4?

In v0.4, I used “Public Key” in “SETTINGS” panel by each repositories. But in v0.7.3, I can’t find it anywhere. Is it gone? I need it for my original custom script for deploying.

I hope that there is some hidden optional settings or something like that for showing it…

You need to store it in the secrets.

This can be achieved with drone-cli like so :

drone secret add someorg/somerepo --name=secret_name --value=@filename 

The @ is important so drone-cli reads the secret from the file and not from the string in --value.

You can then use it in plugins or in a pipeline step :

    image: xxx/xxx
    secrets: [ secret_name ]
      - echo "$${SECRET_NAME}" > ~/.ssh/id_rsa
      - chmod 600 ~/.ssh/id_rsa

0.8 has a textarea for that purpose if you don’t want to use drone cli (but is currently missing the event selection).

Thank you for your quick reply!

“Public Key” in “SETTINGS” and auto generating RSA keys feature might has gone, right?
I’m so sorry to hear that. These are very useful for me…

According to your suggestion, I will use 0.8.0.