Harness Terrafrom plan step fails with "Service: "AWSSecretsManager; Status Code: 413; Error Code"

Problem Statement

We had successfully granted permission for our delegate to access the terraform backend file which is stored in a different account. And the terraform plan is working well without any Issues.

But still, the pipeline gets failed with the below issue:

AWS Secrets Manager operation error: null (Service: AWSSecretsManager; Status Code: 413; Error Code: null; Request ID: null; Proxy: null)


Before we see the solution make sure :

Please ensure AWS Secret Manager credentials are valid" verify if the provided AWS credentials are correct

We get Service: AWSSecretsManager; Status Code: 413 generally this error from AWS occurs when the size of a client’s request exceeds the server’s file size limit, we can manually check the size of tf plan and reverify if this is the cause of the issue.

The tf plan files are stored as any other files in the SMs, which we use. So, these limits are applied to tf files too.

AWS Secrets Manager is- 64KB
Harness Secret Manager - 16MB