Harness Self Managed Platform Support Bundle

This topic takes us through how to generate the support bundle for the Harness Self Managed Platform which is required for further debugging of issues occurring when one of the running pods going down due to any reason or post upgrade failure of pods coming up.

1.) Log into your Kots Admin Console :

2.) You can see the Application is not available , click on details to see what service pods are down.

Note : You can always check the pods / service and workloads from your kubernetes cluster as well.

3.) Click on the Troubleshoot Tab :

4.) Click on “Analyse Harness” :

You will see the analysing progress as the logs collection might take some time.

5.) Once the analysis finishes , you will see the below in your screen :

You can click on the Download Bundle to download it to your local system.

Also if you click on the See details on ay of the pod you will see the details like pod logs, pod events and pod definition. This can help you get to the issue on why the pod is failing to start back up.

You can generate multiple support bundles, say you fixed an issue and then again some other pod isn’t coming up so you can again generate a support bundle.

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