Harness Self Managed Platform Log Level

The below topic takes us through how to change the log level of the of Harness Self Managed Platform usually because of the log volume to reduce the space consumption.

Steps :

1.) Log on to your Kots admin console :

2.) Go to your Application First Gen or Next Gen → Click on Config as shown in the image.

3.) This is open the configuration that would have also seen while setting up the Harness Self Hosted the first time. Scroll down to Advanced Configuration and check the box if not checked.

4.) You will see the log level for the Harness Application here and you can change it by simply clicking on it.

5.) Once you set this scroll all the way down and click on Save Config. A pop up window will appear mentioning that the config has been updated and Go to updated version.

For the config do need to be deployed (You will see a new version available after changing the loglevel) that needs to be deployed in order for the config changes to show up in the Harness Application.

6.) Click on Deploy and your application will have the necessary changes made for the log level.