Harness reports issue

Hi Team,
We are able to run the pipeline through harness but we are not getting any reports like extent reports, can someone from your team can have a quick look and provide solution it would be a great help.
Steps followed:
• created Harness project
• connected it with bitbucket, repo name is demo1 that has our java maven code
• created the yaml file in harness for pipeline
• ran the pipeline and got success

After running the pipeline in the end we are getting this issue :-
could not parse file D:\SRWorkspace\JST_AutTestdata/ExtentReport/TestReport_20221012115135.html. Error: XML syntax error on line 31: element closed by

any help would be appreciated.

@rudraksh can you share that yaml file? We can quickly run through it and see how we can sort it out.


hi @Shruthikini i am able to get the reports now
but in pipeline i have ran 2 test cases but in reports its showing 6
it should be 2 only in reports as well

@rud123 it is execution results of your build. Can you tell me the email id you signed up with?


this is the email id
can we get only 2 results here
as in console it showed only 2

@rud123 got it! we are checking this around. We will get back to you.


@rud123 can you send the resulting xml files? it seems the generated XMLs have formatting with duplicates. The ReportPath is set to **/*.xml . May be there are multiple files generated and have to specify the correct one.


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