Harness incident response: When is notice sent to mailing list?

How is a determination is made about if and when to notify customers about a Harness incident via the Harness status mailing list?

For example, for the Harness outage on 2022-02-25, the problem was reportedly identified by Harness at 4:08 US/Pacific, but notification to the mailing list was first made nearly three hours later, when normal operations were resumed, at 7:45.

Monitoring - Harness service issues have been addressed in Prod2 and normal operations have been resumed. We are monitoring the service to ensure normal performance continues. We are deploying the same fix post verification to Prod1 now and will provide another update once the deployment completes. Feb
25, 07:45 PST

Update - We have identified the cause of the issue and are working on a fix. Please continue to monitor this page for updates.
Feb 25, 05:39 PST

Identified - We have identified a potential cause of Harness NextGen CD pipelines failing with Webhook based triggers and are working hard to address it. Please continue to monitor this page for updates.
Feb 25, 04:08 PST

Response from @Ilan.Krayn at Harness Support:

Harness will post a notice to Status Page as soon as we are aware of it. If an incident is not captured by out monitoring, we are not aware of it until it is reported by a customer or prospect. The WebHook issue that is mentioned in the incident you posted about to the community is such an event. Our synthetic monitoring around web hooks did not include the use case that caused this incident. We found out about it from customer report. One of the follow up items from the incident was to improve our monitoring, and we have already done so.

I hope that this answers your question. I’m going to mark this as solved, but if you need more information, please write us back with any question or concern. We are here to help!

Ilan Krayn
Senior Director, Customer Success Engineering

I replied, telling @Ilan.Krayn that I appreciated the additional information, and that it did not, in fact, answer my question. I noted that his response made no mention of sending notice or of any mailing list.

Response from @Deepanshu_Grover at Harness Support:

Apologies for the inconvenience caused, nevertheless regarding your outstanding query around not receiving early update on the last incident we had seems to be a miss from our end where due to limited initial impact analysis, the notifications were not sent with initial status update.

We truly appreciate your feedback around this and will certainly make sure of notifying as promptly possible in similar future scenarios.

Happy to discuss this further over call if it helps.

Deepanshu Grover
Senior Manager, Customer Success Engineering

@Deepanshu_Grover I do not at this time seek information about what happened last week. I have asked, multiple times, clearly and concisely, what your policy is.

Again: How does Harness determine if and when to notify customers about a Harness incident via the Harness status mailing list?

@Ilan.Krayn wrote:

Please note that the Harness support team is not supporting the Harness community. Our focus and mandate are paying customers, that are under agreement and NDA with Harness. We have a separate team that is focused on the Harness community as it is a combination of paying customers, prospects, and users of our source available product. Due to this distinction, the Harness support team is not directly engaged in the Harness community. We are delighted that you elect to post in our community and contribute to it, but you should not expect the support team to engage with you there. Accordingly, you should not expect a follow-up when you tag support team members in the community.

As for your question about Harness internal policy, We send notifications from the Status page service for all major incidents and maintenance windows. For minor incidents, it is at Harness’s discretion to choose if we will send notices, or just post to the website.

As always, please write us back if you have a follow-up question, or to let us know that we can close this issue.

Ilan Krayn
Senior Director, Customer Success Engineering

I wrote:

The question remains effectively unanswered. You have informally communicated that generally, larger incidents generate emailed notification, and smaller incidents may or may not.

I hoped to see a formal policy, or at least to receive some informal but specific information on the topic.

I’ve asked repeatedly. If this is all you are willing to provide, I’ll stop asking.

@Ilan.Krayn responded:

I’m sorry that you feel this way. We provided you with the best information that we can share. Internal Harness policies are not always to be shared. I understand that you want to see our internal written policy, but we do not share it.