Harness Delegate: Kubernetes: Health check endpoint: How to find URL?

Where can I find the URL for the health check endpoint for a given installation of Harness NG Kubernetes Delegate?

Harness Manager, after provisioning a new delegate, offers several troubleshooting steps, then directs one to “check” this endpoint:

Check the Health Check Endpoint in the Delegate. Search YAML for healthCheckEndpoint.

My best guess at what is meant by “search YAML” (YAML is a language) is to search the Kubernetes resource definitions that Harness Manager provided, in the form of a multi-document YAML stream, after one made the various selections about what sort of delegate was desired. I searched those. There is no mention of healthCheckEndpoint in there.

There is no mention of health or Health or HEALTH anywhere in any of the YAML documents that I have seen in the process of installing and configuring delegates. Nor is it found in the logs for the relevant pod. Searching the Harness NG docs for “health check endpoint” yields nothing clearly relevant. Searching for for healthCheckEndpoint yields nothing.

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Response from @Usheer_Fotedar at Harness Support:

Just to make sure we understand your ask here, you are looking for delegate healthcheck endpoint?


I responded, reiterating that I hope to learn where to find the URL for the health check endpoint for a given installation of Harness NG Kubernetes Delegate

@Ilan.Krayn wrote:

Please note that the Harness support team is not supporting the Harness community. Our focus and mandate are paying customers, that are under agreement and NDA with Harness. We have a separate team that is focused on the Harness community as it is a combination of paying customers, prospects, and users of our source available product. Due to this distinction, the Harness support team is not directly engaged in the Harness community. You are welcome to post in our community and contribute to it, but you should not expect the support team to engage with you there. Accordingly, you should not expect a follow-up when you tag support team members in the community.

As for the question you asked in the community, the delegate health check endpoint is a future feature, part of the Immutable delegate that is being released in beta this month. At this point, we can not point you to the health check URL.

As usual, please write us back if you have any more questions, or if we should mark this as solved.

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Ilan Krayn
Senior Director, Customer Success Engineering