Harness delegate for Windows?

Hi there,

Any idea if harness delegate will ever be available for windows environment?


For example, windows service


Curious what is your use case for running Harness Delegates on a Windows Machine?

We could deploy to a Windows Machine; e.g calling PowerShell or WinRM.



Hey Ravi, Downloaded the delegate script file but did not work on a windows machine. Script file throws an error with the message to run bat file, so I was wondering whether there is any alternative.


Thanks for the reply.

Clarification from my side: Once the Harness Delegate is installed, the Harness Delegate can call a PowerShell/WinRM command. This is typically how we interact with Windows Workloads.

We don’t ship a BAT file, as the Delegate Scripts are Shell.

Could you shine a little more light around your use case for installing the Delegate on a Windows Machine or is this for learning purposes? Would be great to learn about the workload to share back with our Product Team.

If for learning purposes, you could look at running a Linux Distribution on Virtual Box / Dual Boot.

I am not familiar with how compatible Windows Subsystem for Linux is, have you tried before?



Thanks, Ravi. Delegate worked brilliantly on WSL.

Awesome glad WSL worked out well for you!