Harness Delegate: Delegate configurations profile feature: Sunset timeline?

What is the timeline for removal of the “Delegate Configurations profile” feature?

I understand that it has been deprecated. Harness Manager states, “Delegate Configurations profiles are depricated [sic], please use INIT_SCRIPT instead.”

Response from @Ilan.Krayn at Harness Support:

Harness will release a new model for its delegate installation in the coming two months. We internally call this Immutable Delgate. I don’t know what name will be given to it when it is generally available.

The new delegate model provides many new exciting features including the ability for customer to create their own images, task draining, ability to upgrade the delegate on a separate schedules, and more. One item that will no longer be supported is delegate profiles. Any delegate settings needed will be handled in the image init script. We don’t yet have a schedule for it, but we plan to eventually retire the current delegate model, and replace it with the new Immutable delegate. We hope that this could be done by the end of the calendar year, but that is not set in stone.

We added the delegate profile page message so our customers will not invest in building complex delegate profiles, and later need to replicate their work. As I stated above, we don’t have an exact date for sun-setting profiles, and this is part of a longer process of replacing the delegate agents.

I’m going to marked this as solved, but please write us back if you need more information. All the best,

Ilan Krayn
Senior Director, Customer Success Engineering

So in short, the answer is: “unknown,” or “to be determined,” or “there is no such timeline at this time.”