Harness Dashboards : Unable to send reports

Some Background

Harness Dashboards display key metrics and data related to your builds, deployments, security, and cloud costs. Dashboards let you track the health and performance of your deployments, monitor key metrics and KPIs, and quickly identify potential issues. You can customize the dashboards to show specific metrics and data relevant to your needs, and access them from a central location. The Harness Dashboards provide actionable insights into continuous delivery processes, so you can achieve faster and more efficient deployments.

Best practices for building Dashboards : Best Practices For Building Dashboards | Harness Developer Hub

Problem Statement

After building dashboards you can schedule immediate or recurring delivery of dashboards, while doing so you might encounter an issue while shceduling the delivery for the dashboards where the error looks something like :

The scheduled job "jobname"  failed for [example@gmail.com]. Please visit your content to view and resolve the error, or contact your administrator if you need further assistance.
Error: The database encountered an error while running this query.


The issue generally occurs because there is an error in one of the tiles in the dashboard, you have to look for the particular tile throwing the error and fix it.

Fixing the tile should fix the error which was encountered while scheduling the delivery of the dashboard