Harness community Edition || Quickstart || Pipeline not getting deployed

Hello Team,
I am closely trying to follow this official documentation of Harness Community Edition Deployment and after following each and every step identically When i try to Run it, it just keeps on loading, without any change happening , when I checked the developer console , there was just one fetch request happening continuously and pipeline was not getting updated at all and finally after sometime the ng-manager becomes unhealthy and all of the setup stops :(, This is the point where I am stuck since so long now, Can anyone please help me out here ?
Thanks and Kind Regards,

Hi Amanpreet,

Thanks for using Harness CD Community edition.

The blocker your are facing is due to resource constraints for ng-manger. We have released a new version for the community edition with these fixes and updated instructions for the same. Please clone the latest release and check the README files to carry out the installation process.

For Docker Installation :
Go Docker Desktop > Settings > Resources and increase the CPU, memory, and swap space.

For Helm Installation :
Install minikube with increased memory : minikube start --memory 6g --cpus 4

Refer to the README for more information :
Harness CD Community Edition