Harness and Cloud Run

Is there any way to deploy to google cloud run (managed) using Harness? It doesn’t appear available via any of the std deployment types.


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Correct we don’t have native support at this time for Google Cloud Run or Google Cloud Run for Anthos.

Potentially could run a gcloud CLI command from a Harness Delegate?



Hi @Andy-Lee check this out!

Would love to hear your feedback on it!


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Thanks for the pointer – once we get custom deployments enabled, I will definitely give it a try.

So I’ve walked through the example from the blog post, thanks.

The weakness I see is that the template for your cloud run service configuration effectively lives in the bash step, where you can plug in variables for all of the various parameters. It also looks like one could make a bash step template to prevent cutting and pasting that everywhere a service deploy is needed.

There is one gap I don’t see exactly how to handle. The different services we deploy are fairly similar, with the exception of the environment variables they need to operate. In our current home-grown deployment scripts, we handle this by having a per-service yaml file where we can spec out the environment vars w/ jinja templates for their values. Then we can use
gcloud beta run services replace <yaml file>
to deploy.

Does harness support double variable substitution? E.g. a variable that when expanded is a string containing more variable expressions that can then be expanded in turn?

Or can config files have variable substitution applied to them? I looked for this in the docs but didn’t find anything.

Did you ever get a response to this? If so, what was the answer?