Go-scm, Jenkins-X, Tekton and CDF?

Hi there Drone folks!

I’m not sure if this is the best place to get a hold of you (and I’m totally new to Discourse!) so let me know if I should direct this discussion elsewhere :smiley:

I lead the Tekton project at Google and I work closely with some folks at Cloudbees who work on Jenkins X. We all really like go-scm and have a great need for a Go library for interacting with SCM providers. I’m not sure if you’ve seen this, but the Cloudbees folks had some features they needed as quickly as possible, so they created a fork https://github.com/jenkins-x/go-scm which has some extra features and nice touches like the README they added. Over at Tekton, we started using their version of go-scm as well. The Cloudbees folks and I have been talking recently about maybe moving the code into a neutral location instead (maybe in the CDF?) so that we can establish some community maintenance around it.

I was wondering if this is something the Drone folks would like to be involved with as well? We would love to collaborate with you if so! The first step would probably be to figure out exactly what the differences are between your version of go-scm and the one in Jenkins-X, so we could see if the two could be reconciled. Even if you didn’t want to ever use the other version of go-scm, we’d love to work with you anyway.

Also feel free to reach out via email as well: christiewilson@google.com.

Hi @bobcatfish
I’m not a contributor but I had the same question as you. Our team is considering Drone vs JenkinsX and one argument in favour of JX is Tekton.
I see that your post is 3 months old, so I hope you (or any one visiting this page) have some news to share regarding support of Tekton by Drone.