Global podAnnotations for runner pods

it is possible to configure podAnnotations for the drone-runner-kube pod thru the helm charts, but I’m looking for a way to have this setting propagate to the pods that get spun up as part of a build.

Our use case is that we use the kiam project to give pods iam roles, which are specified using pod annotations. We do this so that build pods can log on to ECR (used for storing docker images) and a few s3 buckets used as part of the build process.

I’m aware that I can set metadata.annotations directly in the .drone.yml file in each repo, but I’d much rather have this controlled centrally.

There is a new feature you can use that allows you to apply global policies to your pipelines, which includes global metadata.annotations. The feature is not documented yet which means you need to use the github issue as a reference to get started:

awesome, that’s exactly what we needed. Thanks!