Global env vars not working with secrets

Example pipeline:

kind: pipeline
name: default
type: docker

  VAR1: foo
    from_secret: super_secret_test

- name: check
  image: python:3.8

Gives default: yaml: unmarshal errors: line 8: cannot unmarshal !!map into string

Environment: Drone 1.6.5 + Autoscaler 1.6.0 + Docker Runner 1.2.0, tried both project and organization secrets.

As per Gitter conversation the environment section is a map[string]string and therefore does not support from_secret syntax so Iā€™m submitting a formal bug report/request for consideration.

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@bradrydzewski Would like to bump this. This is perhaps not a bug, more a feature request? It greatly assists in shared step configurations. v1.7

Has this been included, or has it been considered? Is it planned?