Gitter is Moving to Slack!

With this increased investment in the community, we want to make access to communication easier for our members.The core Drone and Harness Developers use Slack as their primary collaboration tool. We are moving our community chat to Slack so that community members have direct access to the core Drone developers and Harness experts. We’re really excited about continuing to build and support this community in new ways, and we would love for you to join us. I’m really looking forward to learning more about you all and making sure there are clear paths of communication. To join our slack, please use Join Harness Community on Slack | Slack and join the #drone channel. We’ll give the community some time to transition over, but we want to make sure you know that we plan on decommission Gitter on Aug 20, 2021

Would it be possible to bridge the Slack room(s) over to Matrix? There appears to already be some programs to be able to do so with:

I’d be more than glad to help out with any issues as well.

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Hello! We won’t be bridging the two at this moment, however that could be something we do down the line.